Wild Horse Wild Ride

Rated NR

Wild Horse Wild Ride follows people who have to properly train wild mustangs over 100 days for the Extreme Mustang Makeover. Since 2007, the project has been able to place more than 3,300 horses. The competition tests not only the horses’ skill, but also the trainers’ emotions; the film shows how the animals are trained, and the effect they can have on their new human friends, who have chosen to work with the animals so they can be adopted out, rather than be placed in government-sanctioned confinement. Many of the participants become extremely attached to the horses, with quite a few not wanting to let their new friends go. The film rarely lags, except for when it focuses on one of the participants whose insufferably self-centered personality can be quite grating. Beyond that, the filmmakers rightly place the focus on the animals and the program’s fight to save them, leading to a heartwarming and educational movie.

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