Welcome to Collinwood

Rated NR

Five men: a devoted new father with Elvis sideburns and a hand-painted drinking glass collection, a wannabe elitist donning a second-hand smoking jacket and a cheesy pocket watch, a rickety old codger knocking on death’s door, a cocky boxer with eyes for a voluptuous polygamist and a greasy-haired nun blackmailer. Together they use their lack of skills, brainless ideas, secret lingo and mutual taste for greed and delinquency to knock over a pawnbroker’s safe in this quirky remake of the 1958 Italian comedy Big Deal on Madonna Street. Do you think they can? Who really cares since the writing/directing brothers, Anthony and Joe Russo, use a Coen Brothers edge along side co-producer George Clooney’s cameo honoring The Pink Panther’s Kato making it entertaining enough just to see them try.

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