We Are What We Are

Rated NR 90 minutes 2010

Zombies and vampires are all the rage, so the next logical step is cannibals, which leads to We Are What We Are, a Mexican film that can’t keep its promise. Theoretically, this is about cannibals, but it doesn’t really show very much flesh-eating. In spite of how disgusting that would be to watch, in this post-Human Centipede cinema climate, it’s difficult to accept at face value a cannibal movie with no Donner Party action. If there was more that was compelling about We Are What We Are, the absence of obscene gore would be understandable, but the family drama—showing how one clan of cannibals copes after the loss of their father—doesn’t satisfy much of an appetite.

Film Credits

Director: Jorge Grau

Producer: Nicolás Celis, Liliana Pardo and Henner Hoffman

Cast: Francisco Barreiro, Alán Chávez, Paulina Gaitan, Carmen Beato, Jorge Zárate, Esteban Soberanes, Adrián Aguirre and Miriam Balderas


We Are What We Are

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