Waking Life

Rated NR

After accepting the dizzying computer-animated pulses that cause tables to levitate and mustaches to twitch, can you ponder how the origin of language transcends our isolation through mankind?s evolutionary cycle of complex carbon arrangements governed by quantum mechanics so self destruction perpetuates and we are reincarnated as a poetic representation of our collective memory? Huh? Never mind comprehending this psychobabble about the meaning of life; the first feat is overcoming the nauseating animated look created by writer/director Richard Linklater, who painted over live-action footage with computer-enhanced images to achieve a dreamlike effect. Regardless of this daring technological advancement, the film is nothing more than an excuse for Linklater to vent his theoretical bullshit through characters from his previous films in random monologues, leaving audiences bored and prone to motion sickness.

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Director: Richard Linklater

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