Upstream Color

Rated NR 96 minutes 2013

Writer-director Shane Carruth, who made the low budget mind bender Primer, returns to the bending of minds yet again with this, his second feature. He gets a fine performance out of Amy Seimetz as Kris, a young woman who is kidnapped, drugged and forced to rob herself. Her kidnapper puts some sort of organism in her, she is more or less possessed, and pigs eventually become involved. This is not a movie for those who just like to be spoon-fed their narrative. In the great tradition of David Lynch, it’s a movie that keeps you guessing while making you feel very weird as you watch it. I can’t say I’ve solved its riddles, but I had a good time trying. It’s definitely one of those movies that warrant two, or three or 787 viewings before you can start figuring it out, or at least fool yourself into believing that you’ve figured it out.

Film Credits

Director: Shane Carruth

Producer: Shane Carruth, Casey Gooden, Ben LeClair, Scott Douglass and Brent Goodman

Cast: Amy Seimetz, Shane Carruth, Andrew Sensenig, Thiago Martins, Kathy Carruth, Meredith Burke, Andreon Watson, Ashton Miramontes and Myles McGee

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