Under the Skin

Rated R 108 minutes 2014

What’s really going on in Under the Skin takes more than enough time to reveal itself. That’s what ultimately undoes this otherwise ethereal, ambitious sci-fi mystery from director Jonathan Glazer. Dialogue is not exactly easy to find here; there are propositions from a stranger in town (Scarlett Johansson) to a host of single Scottish men, and once she lures them back to their pad, they kind of sink in the floor. Are they dead? Is it suspended animation? A metaphor of some kind? If Glazer let you in on it, or if Johansson revealed more behind her cool exterior, then Under the Skin might not be so exasperating. When you finally do figure the whole thing out, the threadbare story is pretty cool in hindsight. But you’re still left holding the bag on a movie that doesn’t give you much to watch for 90 minutes.

Film Credits

Director: Jonathan Glazer

Cast: Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy McWilliams, Lynsey Mackay, Dougie McConnell, Kevin McAlinden, Andrew Gorman, Joe Szula, Krystof Hádek and Roy Armstrong


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