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Back before Star Wars, science fiction was a genre for the exploration of ideas. After Star Wars, old-school science fiction was replaced by action films in outer space. Ultraviolet brings together the worst of both styles, slapping together 88 minutes of nearly non-stop killing with a tremendously thin story about a government that uses fear to control the populace. Milla Jovovich’s bare midriff stars as Violet, a super-soldier who must open her heart to a dying 10-year-old boy while simultaneously decapitating more than 345 extras. The boy is played by wunderkind actor Cameron Bright, but since the dialogue in this film is roughly equivalent to the sounds that a 1970s soap-opera writer would make while pushing out a large bowel movement, neither Bright nor Jovovich nor second-fiddle William Fichtner have anything to work with. Well, except a lot of shiny outfits. It seems that in the future, everyone will wear matching speed skater costumes and stand around in formation waiting to be killed by Milla Jovovich. As fun as that sounds, it’s even less fun to watch.

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