Rated PG-13 118 minutes 2012

By and large, sports movies are message movies. The game is a metaphor for life, and when a valuable lesson is learned, everything works out. By that definition, Touchback is pretty rote, although it is salvaged by some great scenes from Kurt Russell, excelling—as he does—in the role of a football coach. Ostensibly, Touchback is the story of Scott Murphy (Brian Presley), a one-time high school phenom whose future didn’t pan out after an on-field injury. At his lowest point some 20 years later, Scott wakes up back in high school, with the opportunity to change his future. It’s a pretty cheap way to roll It’s a Wonderful Life into a football flick, but the movie doesn’t suffer from it too much. Russell adds intensity in place of the lackluster Presley, making Touchback one of those agreeable-but-forgettable sports movies.

Film Credits

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Director: Don Handfield

Producer: Brian Presley, Kevin Matusow, Carissa Buffel, George Furla, Randall Emmett, Shannon Gardner, Derek Beumer, Michael Corso and Anthony Gudas

Cast: Brian Presley, Kurt Russell, Melanie Lynskey, Marc Blucas, Christine Lahti, Sarah Wright, Drew Powell, Kevin Covais, James Duval, Sianoa Smit-McPhee, Austin Ross, Barry Sanders, Steve Turner, Jacquelyn Evola and Ella Anderson


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