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As if Hollywood isn't inundated already with offensive bachelor films riddled with raunchy sex jokes, unimaginative writer/director Gregory Poirier brings yet another set of sex-crazed tomcats to theaters. Back when mullet hairdos were considered cool, this lot of lady chasers made a bet to remain unwed; the one not married wins a large chunk of change. Now fast-forward to the present day, when all but two of the sexist swingers have said "I do." One is a comic-strip cartoonist who has a colossal Vegas gambling debt; the other is a porn star poster boy with perverted pick-up lines and a wardrobe full of bikini underwear. The delinquent drawer competes for the bountiful bachelor pool with the help of an ex-girlfriend/undercover prostitute with army tactics. As you might guess, sleazy S&M humor and extreme chauvinism permeate this unbearable gutterball smut.

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Director: Gregory Poirier

Cast: Shannon Elizabeth, Jerry O'Connell, Jake Busey, Bill Maher and Horatio Sanz

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