Tim's Vermeer

Rated PG-13 80 minutes 2014

Penn Jillette produces and narrates, while his partner Teller directs this documentary about Tim Jenison and his obsession with Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer. Vermeer painted with a photographic eye, which has led some to speculate he must have used mirrors and reflections to create his works. Jenison, a self-made millionaire, inventor and professed nonpainter, sets about painting his own Vermeer using a mirror contraption he concocts. The results are stunning, indeed, and it appears that those who thought Vermeer used some sort of engineering trickery to create his art might have been correct. Is Jenison’s painting better than Vermeer’s? No. Is it pretty damn good for a guy who claims to have never picked up a brush before. Hell yeah. Teller’s film might be a little dull in composition but its subject is quite the nut, making this a fascinating watch.

Film Credits

Director: Teller

Producer: Penn Jillette, Farley Ziegler, Peter Adam Golden, Glenn Alai, Tim Jenison and Teller

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