The Zero Theorem

Rated R

In Terry Gilliam’s latest, Christoph Waltz plays a computer hacker "crunching entities" on a mission to prove that mankind essentially came from nothing and goes back to nothing. I won't be so harsh as to say Gilliam's movie adds up to nothing in the end, but it most certainly loses its way after a promising, eye-catching beginning and winds up in a sort of nonsensical, meandering mush. The movie has all of the hallmarks of classic Gilliam films like "Brazil" and "12 Monkeys." The future is a claustrophobic place where fluorescent colors replace the browns and grays of "Brazil." There's a Big Brother-like corporation in the form of Mancom, for which Qohen Leth (Waltz) finds himself hopelessly employed. Waltz is good here, acting hard with a script that abandons him slowly but surely. It's a fully dedicated performance that deserved a better movie. That said, it's still Gilliam's best film since "Fear and Loathing Las Vegas."

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