The Wedding Planner

Rated NR

Even with the four collaborating screenwriters and Jennifer Lopez's luscious looks, there still is no hope in saving this stale romantic comedy that recycles every single cinematic cliché. Singer/actress Lopez stars as Mary, an anal-retentive wedding planner with Secret Service-like tendencies whose social life consists of being a Bay Area Scrabble Club member and alphabetizing her credit cards. The loner's life and love take a predictable turn when macho man Matthew McConaughey literally sweeps her off her feet in a heroic Dumpster dodge. To no surprise the Texas wonder boy is already engaged and is, in fact, the next client the wedding wizard must dazzle and delight with her Martha Stewart-like fantasies. This unfortunately kicks off the trail of triteness that you could already see in the preview. Save your money and skip this one.

Film Credits

Director: Adam Shankman

Cast: Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey

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