The Time Traveler's Wife

Rated PG-13 107 minutes 2009

I never thought a movie about a guy (Eric Bana) trying to maintain a marriage while involuntarily time-traveling could possibly be worth squat. The commercials for The Time Traveler’s Wife were making me gag, so I didn’t sit down for the movie with a big bag of faith resting on my lap: It looked like it was going to be stupid. Well, it is stupid, but it’s the good kind of stupid. A cast of fine actors lock themselves into that stupid premise, and the results are charming, sometimes funny—and even a little bit heartbreaking. Bana and Rachel McAdams make for a good screen couple as they deal with time travel and the burden it puts on a relationship. I know that sounds ridiculous, and it is, but the performers make it work.

Film Credits

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Director: Robert Schwentke

Producer: Nick Wechsler, Dede Gardner, Brad Pitt, Richard Brener, Michele Weiss and Justis Greene

Cast: Rachel McAdams, Eric Bana, Arliss Howard, Ron Livingston, Stephen Tobolowsky, Michelle Nolden, Jane McLean, Hailey McCann, Tatum McCann, Brooklynn Proulx and Alex Ferris

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