The Strangers

Rated NR

This film is a total rip-off of the horror movie Them, in which a couple is trapped in a house while being tormented by mysterious attackers. Rip-off or not, director Bryan Bertino definitely has a gift for scares. His use of space and sound is masterful, and I must’ve jumped five times watching The Strangers. I even got one of those rare scares that caused me to feel like my heart stopped. Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman play a couple staying in an isolated house. After a setup where something seems to be going wrong with their relationship, some scary people start making their night very uncomfortable. The film is pretty empty-headed, but if you are looking to be frightened, you’ll get your wish. Seriously, though: I wouldn’t be surprised if the guys who made Them sued Bertino for a screenwriting credit.

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