The Snowtown Murders

Rated NR 120 minutes 2011

Unsettling is a good word to describe The Snowtown Murders, an Australian film about a group of serial killers and their detestable ringleader. The movie covers most of the 1990s, the decade in which John Bunting (Daniel Henshall, in a riveting performance) coerced younger friends to assist him with the murders of a dozen mutual acquaintances. For years, the crimes didn’t just go unpunished; they went unnoticed: It wasn’t until 1999 that investigators even became clued in to what was going on. Although there was a sensationalized trial that followed, this film only covers the killings and the people involved. Newcomer Lucas Pittaway portrays Jamie, the youngest and most-impressionable of Bunting’s minions; the film is told from his perspective. Certainly eye-opening, The Snowtown Murders is probably too grim for most audiences. But those who aren’t overcome by the violence will find a totally gripping experience.

Film Credits

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Director: Justin Kurzel

Producer: Sarah Shaw and Anna McLeish

Cast: Daniel Henshall, Lucas Pittaway, Craig Coyne, Richard Green, David Walker, Bob Adriaens, Louise Harris, Frank Cwiertniak, Anthony Groves, Brendan Rock, Bryan Sellars and Keiran Schwerdt

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