The Real Cancun

Rated NR

Woo-hoo! Spring Break! Let’s go down to Cancun, get drunk, stay drunk and have sex with anyone and everyone! And so goes this impressive cinematic work by director Rick DeOliveira. This sensational director had the remarkable foresight to choose 16 of our nation’s finest, horny college students whose bulging breasts and biceps were essential factors in assisting with their decision making in mind-boggling moral dilemmas of whether to sleep with a best friend, cave into peer pressure by following the mantra of "Tequila, it does a body good," or disregard all meaning of key SAT terms like monogamy, sobriety and celibacy. DeOliveira exceeds in developing the tasteless crudity of intoxicated idiots and lesbian lip locks at the Coco Bongo, all of which puts Oscar greats to shame.

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