The Playroom

Rated NR 83 minutes 2013

Hey, you got your Rick Moody chocolate in my V.C. Andrews peanut butter! Deadwood alumni Molly Parker and John Hawkes waste their talent as an adulterous couple and ineffectual parents in this dreadful, shallow look at a dysfunctional family in the 1970s. While mom and dad drink, tell naughty jokes and otherwise cavort with another married couple downstairs, their four children cozy up in the attic and tell each other fairy tales about escaping their house and leaving their numb lives behind. Mom likes to be the center of the party while Dad likes to stumble around, make frowny faces and passive-aggressively ask his wife what's wrong with their marriage. It’s an awful mash-up of The Ice Storm and Flowers in the Attic, and its only saving grace is its short running-time.

Film Credits

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Director: Julia Dyer

Producer: Stephen Dyer, Angie Meyer, Lawrence Mattis and Don Stokes

Cast: John Hawkes, Molly Parker, Olivia Harris, Jonathon McClendon, Alexandra Doke, Ian Veteto, Jonathan Brooks, Lydia Mackay and Cody Linley


The Playroom

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