The Other Conquest

Rated NR

The conquest of the Americas by the evil armies of Spain was a bloody and unpleasant episode in the otherwise peaceful history of European encounters with foreigners. The Other Conquest presents the weird and compelling story of some strange goings-on in the wake of the destruction of the Aztec empire. A young scribe named Topiltzin goes on a quest to hide a historical codex, but he’s stopped by barbarous Iberians who try to convert him to the worship of their Asian god whose flesh must be eaten in smoke-filled ceremonies. Brr! It’s Friar Diego’s job to shove the God-flesh down Topiltzin’s throat, but in the process, there’s more than one conversion going on. If you’re interested in learning about the strange rituals of the ancient Aztecs and Papists, you may find this film disturbing and informative.

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