The One

Rated NR

What do quantum tunneling through parallel universes, cheesy Schwarzenegger one-liners and a power-crazed doppelgänger have in common? Actually that's a trick question, since writer/director James Wong piles these nonsensical elements into a mish-mash martial arts movie and cannot even provide the answer himself. Instead he has Jet Li travel around through 124 parallel universes killing off his other 123 selves with comically fake video game-like super strength to the beat of a head-banging industrial soundtrack in order to collect the energy of the slain, thus becoming an invisible god, or something. This all seems to make more sense to the film's other characters as they attempt to stop the narcissistic villain with Saturday morning cartoon sci-fi gadgets and moronic dialogue. So, to make a long, convoluted film review short, The One is not the one for you see.

Film Credits

Director: James Wong

Cast: Jet Li, Carla Gugino, Jason Statham and Delroy Lindo

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