The Musketeer

Rated NR

On some distant cloud in French Heaven, Alexandre Dumas is crying. Easily one of the most excruciating movies of this awful, awful year, The Musketeer is soul-deadeningly bad, exactly as terrible as its high-concept premise?Hong Kong-style fight scenes intermixed with the standard musketeer story?could possibly be. Not only saddled with hammy overacting, hollow characters and some of the worst cringe-inducing puns this side of a Schwarzenegger flick, the fight scenes?the acrobatic, impressively-choreographed fight scenes, the film's whole raison d'être?are shot so ineptly as to be unwatchable. Which makes The Musketeer not just a bad movie, but a deeply, achingly sad bad movie. Stay away!

Film Credits

Director: Peter Hyams

Cast: Catherine Deneuve, Stephen Rea, Tim Roth and Justin Chambers

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