The Manson Family

Rated R 95 minutes 2004

This crazy-assed mockumentary/fake reenactment film about Charles Manson and his band of idiots is about as fucked up a movie experience as you are likely to have. This one is a swirling, maniacal twist of sex, blood, carnage and talking head interviews. Writer-director Jim Van Bebber does a decent job capturing a late sixties “grindhouse” vibe, and the performers are most certainly dedicated for this one. Apparently, they really smoked pot and at least one of the many sex acts depicted is real. So, if you like your movies bloody, full of sex, and featuring Charles Manson singing, I guess this movie is made for you. It’s as crazy as they come and not recommended for a first date movie unless, of course, your first date person is pretty hardcore.

Film Credits

Director: Jim Van Bebber

Producer: Carl Daft, David Gregory, Mike King and Jim Van Bebber

Cast: Marcelo Games, Marc Pitman, Leslie Orr, Maureen Allisse, Amy Yates, Jim Van Bebber, Sherri Rickman, Nate Pennington, M.M. Jones, Tom Burns and Michelle Briggs

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