The Italian Job

Rated NR

So these crooks steal a lot of gold from, as far as I can tell, innocent people who’ve never harmed anyone in their lives. And then, after endangering a lot of civilians and destroying property, including a lovely gondola owned by poor gondoliers, they drive to the mountains and celebrate. Then one of these crooks steals the gold from the other crooks and tries to kill them. Then the other crooks find the first crook and try to steal the gold back. See, some of the crooks are the heroes of the movie, and the other crook, he’s the villain. Why? I just wanted somebody to call the cops and have them all thrown in jail. Since when is it right to steal things? Is this what Hollywood is teaching our children? That stealing is good and that Mark Wahlberg is an actor? No wonder the rest of the world hates us.

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