The Hunted

Rated NR

Oscar-winning director William Friedkin takes a minimalist’s approach that maximizes the primordial chase in this film starring Tommy Lee Jones and Benicio Del Toro. Jones is a cutthroat killing machine that once trained Special Forces recruits how to maim and murder with bare hands, booby traps and man-made blades. The mentor of murderers now has retired to the snow covered hills of British Columbia to become a weathered mountain man with dirt under his fingernails as he saves wild animals from death and danger. However, when one of his protégés becomes an animal rights extremist by turning the tables on hunters by gutting them for sport, the skilled tracker puts his talents to the test when hunting down the assassin he created. Few words fill the soundtrack and even fewer special effects sensationalize the hand-to-hand combat scenes between the two rivals. Instead, chilling silence fills the soundtrack, and natural wit and raw skill intensify the scenes, causing this film to be one hunted by audiences.

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