The Human Centipede 2

Rated NR

I got a few sick laughs out of the first movie, but this sequel is devoid of humor—and where the first film pulled its punches, this one goes all the way. A strange fellow named Lawrence R. Harvey plays Martin, a parking-garage attendant who is addicted to director Tom Six’s original Human Centipede. He starts knocking people out and bringing them to a warehouse in order to fulfill his fantasy of creating a 12-person centipede. While the first film didn’t show the creation of the centipede, Six shows it all in this one, and it’s as grisly as movies get. There’s massive shitting, barfing and bleeding, and while the makers want viewers to accept it as some sort of dark, twisted comedy, it’s too unrelentingly disgusting to be humorous. Six is promising yet another one of these. I’m hoping he’s a damn liar, because I don’t want to sit through any further chapters.

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