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A seasoned vet teams up with a cocky rookie, and the two learn important life lessons and bond over common characteristics. Sound all too familiar? That’s because it is. However, a different setting, along with riveting storm footage, make director Andrew Davis’ action-drama worth the price of admission. Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher co-star as rescue swimmers in the Coast Guard’s elite training program in Alaska. Kutcher plays the overly confident rookie who never fails to find a bar fight or sweet-talk an attractive school teacher when he’s not swimming laps around his fellow trainees. Costner plays the decorated rescue swimmer with an underappreciated wife who uses unconventional tactics to train the next Coast Guard generation. At first, the two butt heads to see whose Speedo is bigger, but soon, they help each other sort out their similar sad pasts. Clocking in at a lengthy 136 minutes and with six too many endings, some viewers will leave waterlogged and bloated, while others will revel in the intense rescue missions and captivating characters.

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