The Green Prince

Rated PG-13

Large in scope and heating up since the middle of last century, the Israel/Palestine conflict is a frustrating affair to say the least. Every conflict has it’s grey areas and secrets, and writer/director Nadav Schirman brings one shadowy story to life in this engaging documentary. The doc revolves around two men on opposing sides; Gonen Ben Yitzhak is a member of the Shin Bet, Israel’s ultra-secret intelligence agency, and Mosab Hassan Yousef is the son of Hamas’ co-founder. Nicknamed “The Green Prince,” Yousef became radicalized after his father was carted off to prison one too many times. After buying weapons and intent on extracting revenge, Yousef was thrown into jail, where Yitzhak successfully flips Yousef to the other side. Schirman’s Errol Morris-meets-Michael Mann style works perfectly for this riveting tale of espionage, subterfuge, and above all else, hope.

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