The Good Thief

Rated NR

This remake of the classic Bob Le Flambeur stars Nick Nolte as a likable but sleazy heroin addict. Insert your own Nick Nolte joke here. Nolte is, of course, perfect for the role, and is well complemented by Nutsa Kukhianidze as the young woman he saves from a life of prostitution. Actually, I’m not really sure if Ms. Kukhianidze is a good actress, because she’s so darn purty I’d give a good review to a movie that just featured a still photo of her for two hours. Nonetheless, I’m quite sure the supporting cast, which includes such giants of French cinema as Tchéky Karyo and Said Taghmaoui (whom you may remember as the Iraqi officer in Three Kings) are excellent. This being a caper movie, the story doesn’t really get moving until the final third, when the caper kicks in, but if you like watching art thieves and muscle men with fake breasts and hot French chicks and Nick Nolte, then I can’t really think of any movie you should see besides this one.

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