The Fast and the Furious

Rated NR

The Loud and the Ludicrous would be a more fitting title for this summer blockbuster with a head-banging technotronic soundtrack over countless rocket-fueled adrenaline-pumping street races that would leave Danny Zuko in the dust. A James Van Der Beek lookalike with a similar bubblegum acting history (Paul Walker) plays an undercover cop who infiltrates the street racing subculture in order to bust the jewelry-heisting speed demons. Vin Diesel leads a pack of brainless thrill-seekers with his Incredible Hulk physique and macho my-engine-is-bigger-than-your-engine mentality, but stalls with his sentimental daddy issues. Though this gratuitous action flick closely mirrors other films in its genre, like Point Break, with its pretty-boy lead voicing a cocky Keanu surfer tone, it still provides enticing popcorn entertainment.

Film Credits

Director: Rob Cohen

Cast: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez and Michelle Brewster

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