The Deep End

Rated NR

Tilda Swinton is Tilda-tastic and Swintontacular as a middle-aged (but incredibly hot) mother trying to cover up a murder that she mistakenly thinks her son committed. Goran Visnjic is smoky and compelling as the man who's blackmailing her, and Greg Nuttgen's cinematography scores big points with rich, natural light and a sparse use of creepy noir effects. Directed by the team of Scott McGhee and David Siegel, who made the strikingly original and inventive (but ultimately flawed) Suture, The Deep End is a nearly perfect thriller, with just the right mix of plot, pacing and subtle music by first-time film composer Peter Nashel. Not to be missed by fans of the noir genre, fans of pigmentless red-haired beauties, or fans of the Lake Tahoe area, which stars as the Lake Tahoe area.

Film Credits

Director: Scott McGhee and David Siegel

Cast: Tilda Swinton and Goran Visnjic

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