The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe

Rated NR

On top of having the longest title of any blockbuster film in recent memory, TCoN:TL,TWATW also has some of the crappiest music. It’s that annoying, swelling, John Williams-esque stuff that’s become so popular. But if you can look past the music and the really long title, Lion/Witch/Wardrobe is at least visually appealing. It has the lush and fully realized look needed for a fantasy film. The world of Narnia is truly brought to life here, and every furry creature and snow-filled valley and icy castle has the feel of something rich and strange. The story, in brief, is as follows: Four children go through a magical wardrobe and wind up in a magical land where they have to defeat a magical queen so as to stop her magical winter and return the world to magical summer. Sadly, the kids are two-dimensional, and the conflict isn’t well-articulated, but I think this is exactly the kind of film that will be a hit with small children or those who like things divided neatly into the good and the evil. For those seeking a fuller sense of motivation and character, well, why would you go see a blockbuster children’s film, anyway?

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