The Brave One

Rated NR

At what point could you declare Jodie Foster’s status as a reputable movie star in trouble? The last time she made a really good movie was 2002’s Panic Room. Before that, it was The Silence of the Lambs, 16 years ago. Don’t try to tell me that Nell, Sommersby and/or Maverick were any good, for I would laugh mockingly, and that would be rude on my part. Foster is back (With a new haircut!) in the revenge thriller The Brave One, and it’s one of the worst movies in her once-illustrious career. She plays a radio DJ who, while walking in the park with her boyfriend, is attacked by a gang. Her boyfriend dies; she buys a gun; she does her best Charles Bronson impression. This sort of crap is all wrong for her talents. I’m hoping she has gotten enough big paychecks, and her next ventures return her to form.

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