The Animal

Rated NR

I have to admit, I feel bad for Rob Schneider. Sure, he’s rich and famous, but his material is so mediocre. He’ll always be Adam Sandler’s sidekick, and when you think about the limits of Adam Sandler’s talent, that’s gotta hurt. Still, there are some charming moments in The Animal, and Schneider gets to do love scenes with Colleen Haskel from Survivor and with a goat from, well, wherever goats come from, so that must help his feelings. Nonetheless, unless you’re exclusively interested in helping Schneider feel better about himself, there’s not much reason to pay money to see this movie. Its story, about a man who becomes super-human when he receives organ transplants from various animals, is livened up by a continuing dialogue about racism, but things never get too heady, unless you think watching a man hump a mailbox is heady.

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Cast: Rob Schneider

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