Sydney White

Rated NR

Writer Chad Creasey’s fairy-tale parallels to Disney’s Snow White are annoyingly obvious in this dumbed-down tweener flick by director Joe Nussbaum. Amanda Bynes and her cherubic cheeks play the titular character, whose first days at college, reliving her mom’s glory days at the campus sorority house, are anything but a dream come true. After the wicked queen of Kappa Phi Nu releases her malicious ploy involving a “poisoned” Apple computer, Sydney is banished to an undeclared frat house where seven dorks reside. These dorks include the allergy-prone nerd and the shy guy with a hand puppet. With the moral support of a charming frat hottie, Sydney White and the seven dorks overthrow the student-body government and reveal the selfish wicked queen for what she really is. This simplistic and campy version of the classic fairy tale is far from the fairest of them all.

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