Sundance Shorts 2009

Rated NR

This collection of award-winning and award-nominated films from the Sundance Film Festival is one of the best collections of shorts I’ve seen in my 11 years as a reviewer. Highlighting the collection is the latest from depressed animation genius Don Hertzfeldt. His I Am So Proud of You brings together the worst moments in a series of unhappy lives, all in wiggly animation, and with many railway accidents. Also incredible is Next Floor, a high-budget, live-action piece wherein wealthy socialites and military officials overeat while a string quartet entertains them. But why are they all so dusty? Could it be from consistently falling through the floors of the strange, deserted warehouse where they dine on enormous platters of endangered animals? If you just come to shorts programs to see young love in its naked glory, there’s Love You More, a tremendously charming and charged film about the early ’80s, a Buzzcocks record and the kind of nakedness that is only possible after removing two British school uniforms. While there’s a bit of filler here, even the filler is good, and the highlights are amazing. From perverted psychotherapists to the classic penguin/polar bear romance to magic spaghetti, the Sundance collection has everything you’d want in a film program.

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