Star Trek Nemesis

Rated NR

After the disappointing art-film Star Trek: One Hour Photon and the overly violent Star Trek: Lock, Spock and Two Smoking Phasers, the Trek franchise returns to form with the mediocre, but passably decent, Nemesis. In this one the Enterprise must go to Romulus, where a coup d’etat has placed the Remans in charge of the empire. In a story with almost no precedent in Star Trek history, Data must face his humanity, Picard must face his past, Riker and Troi deal with their romantic tensions and the Federation is threatened with annihilation. Well, it’s unprecedented to use that many standard storylines in any one movie. Plus, the rest of the film is a rehash of Wrath of Khan. If none of this makes sense to you then you’ve probably been going on dates and getting fresh air and exercise for the last 30 years. For the rest of us, this is the Trek film we’ve been waiting for, i.e. the next one in the series. Having viewed it, we will return to our Internet chat rooms until the release of Star Trek XI: The Final Cash-In.

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