Spy Kids 3D Game Over

Rated NR

3-D movies have always sucked, and they still suck with this final entry to Robert Rodriguez’s otherwise charming franchise. The 3-D effects are far from amazing as the Spy Kids go into a video game (Tron style) to battle an evil toymaker, played by a goofy Sylvester Stallone. The charm of the first two films is lost in a bunch of gimmicky set pieces made to look like stuff is being thrown at you. Top billed Antonio Banderas has nothing but a cameo here, with much screen time going to Ricardo Montalban. It’s a shame that such a good series has to end on this mediocre note. It’s also a shame that a capable director like Rodriguez couldn’t breathe some life into the useless 3-D format. All this movie really does is succeed in hurting your eyes.

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