Spike & Mike's Sick & Twisted Festival of Animation 2013

Rated NR

Spike & Mike are back for another round of the best of the worst, sick, depraved, demented and perverted cartoons from around the world! In an era of prime-time Family Guy and on-demand Adult Swim, you would figure this sleazy institution would run out of steam, but thankfully, there’s enough swill to go around. There also seems to be a lot more poop jokes this round, but I figure that’s just what the kids are into these days. Highlights this year include House of Chai, about a boy who sets off a chain reaction causing the extinction of the world’s animal population after pegging a bird with a slingshot; Fantasie in Bubblewrap, about individual bubbles in a pad of bubble wrap paper who meet their demise from poking fingers and pencils; Feebo!, a live action tale about a kid’s show muppet who goes sex mad after catching a peek up a production assistant’s skirt; Border-line, an almost touching vignette about a depressed border agent who tries repeatedly to take his own life; and my favorite piece Little Quentin, a stylish film noir-esque short about a private detective, a deranged bunny rabbit, a decapitated Barbie doll and the power of children’s imagination. It’s the anti-Toy Story.

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