Sorority Boys

Rated NR

If you lived in a world that forced you to join a fraternity or sorority and you weren’t allowed to kill yourself to escape, which would you join? In this Porky’s of the '90s (seven years too late—its train left with that awful Patrick-Swayze-in-drag movie … and crashed), women belong either to the slutty Tri Pis or the ugly feminist DOG sorority, and all men belong to KOK. So when 3 KOK brothers are ousted from their house, they dress up as women and move in to DOG, where they identify with the ugly girls of the world and Revenge of the Nerds-style antics ensue. The bad news is that a military-style gantlet walk and drug-assisted date-rape are common practices of the KOKs; and for some reason, the DOGs and Tri Pis compete with each other for the right to party with these guys. The good news is that actor Michael Rosenbaum, and even his buddies to an extent, do drag with more dignity than you’d imagine possible in a movie this stupid. In fact, they almost make it worthwhile.

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