Somebody Up There Likes Me

Rated NR 75 minutes 2012

Writer-director Bob Byington has made a funny film about married people, years passing by, and mistakes being made over and over again. Keith Poulson plays Max, a waiter with a blasé attitude, and Nick Offerman plays his equally droll friend. They get married to numerous women, sleep with each other’s wives and the nannies, start small upstart businesses that become worldwide corporations and even have coronaries…all of this with their voices barely rising above conversational tones. The film admits that most parts of life are quite mundane, and the stuff we think is terrible is often quite funny when examined from a sarcastic point of view. Poulson and Offerman are great together; I’d like to see them in more movies. Jess Weixler, who was great in Teeth, delivers a memorable performance as Max’s second wife. A good blast of indie fun for the summertime.

Film Credits

Director: Bob Byington

Producer: Hans Graffunder, Nick Offerman, Stuart Bohart, Morgan Coy and Christos Konstantakopoulos

Cast: Keith Poulson, Nick Offerman, Jess Weixler, Stephanie Hunt, Marshall Bell, Jonathan Togo, Kate Sheil, Kevin Corrigan and Megan Mullally

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