Snakes on a Plane

Rated NR

I imagine that the meeting for this film went something like this: Screenwriter: I’ve got this project; it’s called Snakes on a Plane andProducer: Whoa! You had me at Snakes! Now, as I write a check with an incredible number of zeroes on it, I just have two questions: How many snakes, and what kind of plane? It turns out this producer had good instincts. Snakes is basically a send-up of 1970s disaster movies, complete with characters that can each be described in a single sentence, a ridiculous premise and stewardesses. Most importantly, it never winks. If it had, it would have been a typical stupid comedy. Instead, it’s a film that masters the Bad Film genre by actually being, in every register, a perfect re-creation of the films it makes fun of. Samuel L. Jackson plays Samuel L. Jackson playing FBI agent Neville Flynn, who must escort witness Sean Jones (Nathan Phillips) to a murder trial in Los Angeles. Along the way, they board an aircraft. I won’t give away the surprise twist element that endangers the lives of the Stewardess on the Verge of Retirement, the Heroic Kickboxer, the Two Young Boys Traveling Alone and the Cast of Stock Characters, but let’s just say that there might be some ake-snays on the ane-play!

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