Sidewalks of New York

Rated NR

Fidelity. Adultery. One-night stands. Divorce. Jealously. Betrayal. This Woody Allen-esque, dialogue-driven film by Edward Burns runs the gamut of relationships through a tedious and long-winded documentary style with no beginning, middle or end, jumping among several characters to reveal their typical views on sex. The pathetic bellboy holds onto a love he never had; the uptight worry wart fears promiscuity; the pompous sex fiend flaunts his Wilt Chamberlain-like prowess; the married dentist has an affair with the teenage waitress. Yawn. Though a respectable cast fills the screen, nothing new, memorable or mildly spectacular results, except for maybe providing a cure for insomnia.

Film Credits

Director: Edward Burns

Cast: Edward Burns, Rosario Dawson, Dennis Farina, Heather Graham, David Krumholttz, Brittany Murphy and Stanley Tucci

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