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A mockery of both real TV and buddy-cop shows that works because it's never taken too seriously by anyone involved. Robert DeNiro, playing the scowling police detective forced star in a real TV-style series, barely bothers to hide his snickers while acting alongside Eddie Murphy, who barely needs to act to play the role of DeNiro’s new partner and the ham of the series. Rene Russo shmoozes through the producer role quite well and the action they all get into is as riveting as big budget can be. But the hero of this movie is not a cop, and is certainly not William Shatner, who tries to play himself, but only manages to play a puffy, desperately grateful out of work actor. The hero is television, and if Orwell had written a pre-1984 vehicle that convinced its spectators that constant surveillance brings out good nature, it would have looked a lot like this.

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Director: Tom Dey

Cast: Robert De Niro, Eddie Murphy, Rene Russo and William Shatner

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