Shark Night 3D

Rated PG-13 91 minutes 2011

This looks like potential fun on the surface, thanks to its title. It’s got sharks, and sharks are cool. It’s at night, supposedly, and that’s kind of scary. It’s in 3-D, which means there should be blood and teeth coming at your face. Well, there are hardly any sharks in this thing. Sharks are onscreen for a total of about two minutes, and possibly less than that. And since the sharks are attacking at night, we can’t see much of anything, because it’s dark out. Sara Paxton stars as The Girl Who Wears a Bikini. She takes her friends to a house by a lake full of sharks, and they all get eaten, PG-13 style. There truly is no reason for you to see this film. To tell the truth, I’m sort of ashamed that I did.

Film Credits

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Director: David Ellis

Producer: Mike Fleiss, Lynette Howell, Chris Briggs, Ryan Kavanaugh, Tucker Tooley, Douglas Curtis, Nick Meyer, Marc Schaberg, Matthew Rowland and Clint Kisker

Cast: Sara Paxton, Dustin Milligan, Chris Carmack, Joel David Moore, Katharine McPhee, Alyssa Diaz, Sinqua Walls, Donal Logue, Joshua Leonard and Chris Zylka


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