Sexy Beast

Rated NR

Ray Winstone and Ben Kingsley give smashing performances as gangsters going through a second childhood. Winstone is the pudgy, cuddly, infant-like Gal, who just wants to go to sleep with his bottle. Kingsley is the threatening Don, a four-year-old in the body of an ex-middleweight champion who shows up at Gal's idyllic Spanish villa to try to persuade him to come out on one last crime caper. But it's not a movie about the retired gangster going for one more score; rather, it's a creepy, funny film about human relations. Spacious, sweaty cinematography by Ivan Bird and spot-on acting by the supporting players make this one of the most mature and engaging films of the summer.

Film Credits

Director: Johnathan Glazer

Cast: Ray Winstone, Ben Kingsley, Ian McShane, Amanda Redman, Cavan Kendall and Julianne White

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