Sex with Strangers

Rated NR

This is a creepy, tawdry little film in which directors Harry and Joe Gantz (also responsible for the fascinating HBO series Taxicab Confessions) follow the lives of three couples who swing, i.e. have recreational sex with other couples. The Brothers Gantz scored amazing footage that reveals much more than these people’s naked bodies and sexual activities. Included are intimate and vulnerable scenes that detail private emotional dysfunction and jarring confrontation. The sexual footage is never hardcore, although it’s always clear to viewers what is happening. The tales unfold in clunky fashion; overdubbed narration or on-screen titles would have helped to better guide the viewers through the stories. It’s eerie, too, that each of these swinging relationships—no matter how sophisticated and cutting-edge its participants think they are—is controlled by the male partner. But ultimately, the lifestyle of RVs, nightclubs, indoor hot tubs and Polaroid cameras is just the opposite of hot or sexy. These swingers only seem sad and desperate.

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