Rated NR 90 minutes 2011

Tammy (Frances Fisher) is having a bad day: Her car is hit by a small-engine plane making an emergency landing on the freeway. She’s due for a big meeting with a client in Phoenix, and this unexpected pit stop leaves her stranded in the mystical town of … Sedona. Having a worse day are parents Scott (Seth Petersen) and Eddie (Matthew J. Williamson), who lose the younger of their two children, Denny (Trevor Sterling Stovall), on a hiking trip. Their lives collide on that fateful day, and everyone changes by the end of their journeys through the quirky city. With decent-enough performances and simple but fine dialogue, the movie, written and directed by Tommy Stovall, really isn’t bad. However, the characters, their situations and all of the coincidences that cause them to meet one another are blatant clichés. Surprisingly, the two child actors, Stovall and Rand Schwenke, are fine performers and make the film a lot more appealing.

Film Credits

Director: Tommy Stovall

Producer: Tommy Stovall, Tracey McGilvray, Marc Sterling and Ebony Tay

Cast: Frances Fisher, Seth Peterson, Beth Grant, Christopher Atkins, Kylee Cochran, Barry Corbin, Tatanka Means, Lin Shaye, Robert Shields, Rachel Reenstra, Matthew Williamson, Trevor Stovall, Rand Schwenke and Andrew Ridings

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