Scotland, PA

Rated NR

Accompanied by an endless procession of 1970s rock hits (heavy on the Bad Company), William Shakespeare's "Scottish" play unfolds knee-deep in trailer-trashy rural Pennsylvania, circa 1975. Fast-food drones Joe and Pat McBeth (James LeGros and Maura Tierney) conspire to take over the greasy burger joint in which they work. Its owner, Norm Duncan (James Rebhorn), is the first casualty as bodies pile up amid the flotsam of Me Decade pop-culture: Virginia Slims, puka-shell chokers,Yahtzee, bitchin' Camaros, fondue, shag haircuts and disco shirts. Big-city police detective Ernie McDuff, played with geeky charm by Christopher Walken, shows up to investigate. Clever and often hilarious, Scotland, PA is the first film written and directed by actor Billy Morrissette. Among his inspired strokes is the trio of stoners, hiding out in an abandoned amusement park, who stand in for Shakespeare's witches. And you won't want to miss the novel manner in which Tierney's Pat deals with the "damned spot" afflicting her hand.

Film Credits

Director: Billy Morrssette

Cast: James LeGros, Maura Tierney and Christopher Walken

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