Saw 2

Rated NR

It’s better than the first Saw, but it still isn’t all that good. Jigsaw (Tobin Bell), despite being physically cut down by a nasty cancer, elaborately plans convoluted death scenarios for those who really don’t appreciate the sanctity of their lives. This time out, he’s trapped a group of folks in a crappy house, leaving a bunch of tape recorders and clues around for his victims to struggle with as they breathe in nerve gas. Like the first film, it all comes down to a big twist ending. This one’s finale isn’t as lame as the first film’s, but it’s still a bit out of hand. Donnie Wahlberg does OK work as a crooked cop who screws up royally, and the rest of the cast does a relatively decent job of dying in disgusting and twisted ways. That stupid laughing robot thing is just not scary, and far too involved and complicated for a murderer who can barely stand up!

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