Saving Silverman

Rated NR

Boy meets girl. Girl controls boy. Friends try to save boy. An all too familiar story. But throw in bodybuilding nuns, nude yoga, killer raccoons and a trio of Neil Diamond-loving idiots and you get this screwball comedy of moronic proportions. Jason Biggs is the gullible goof entranced by a conniving kitten (Amanda Peet) who must have the home phone number of Jennifer Lopez's tailor on speed dial. Meanwhile, the two other groupies in the trio conjure the only plan their miniscule minds can, which is to kidnap the vicious vixen so the brainwashed bozo can date a circus-performing nun-in-training. But forget it, boys, because no one can save Silverman in this harebrained hogwash, not even Diamond himself with his sultry serenades.

Film Credits

Director: Dennis Dugan

Cast: Steve Zahn, Jack Black, Jason Biggs, Amanda Peet and Amanda Detmer

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