Rush Hour 2

Rated NR

Minus the overtly racist, crudely sexist ear-piercing voice of Chris Tucker, audible only to some dogs, this cop vs. gangster martial arts action flick is not half bad. But the exceedingly obnoxious, anti-hilarious Tucker manages to thwart the film's chances of success whether he is running naked through Hong Kong, shopping at a smorgasbord of scantily clad women or saving a chicken from beheading. Try to overlook his constantly irritable persona and enjoy Jackie Chan's never-failing, well-choreographed fight sequences on a bamboo scaffolding or in a massage parlor as he successfully battles his way through clever and captivating plot twists. But this may be too much to ask, so imagine yourself giving Tucker's loud mouth a swift and silencing kick.

Film Credits

Director: Brett Ratner

Cast: Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker, Chris Penn, Don Cheadle and John Lone

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